November 1, 2018

Perfect Timing

Since the moment we could conceptualize what a job was, we’ve probably been ingrained with the “9-5” mentality. Picture this: Alarm goes off. Get ready. Commute. Start Work at 9. (Lunch?) Work until 5. Drive home. Sound familiar? Well… what if we told you there’s a better way to work? In this Thrive, we discover […]

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October 22, 2018

Establishing Leadership Credibility

We’ve probably all been in a situation where you were “led” by someone who didn’t seem fit for the role. There are multiple reasons why we don’t see leadership qualities in certain people, all of which usually speak to their credibility. In this edition of Thrive in Five, we explore leadership credibility and the steps […]

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October 4, 2018

High-Performing Teams: A Human-Centered Foundation to Healthy Organizations

Human capital, otherwise known as people, is the core, and foundation of any healthy organization. Healthy teams are made up of individuals who each bring their own strengths to combine with the unique abilities and talents of others for maximum productivity, creativity, and innovative power. For leaders, then, building and shaping teams becomes an essential […]

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October 3, 2018

Strong Team Model™ – Evans Incorporated’s Method to Project and Team Success

By Kaitlin Hurley Developing high performing teams has many facets, one of which is understanding each other’s strengths and leveraging this knowledge to help the team and its members succeed. Using our proprietary method called the Strong Team Model™, Evans Incorporated takes team and leadership development to the next level by helping team members learn […]

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September 28, 2018

Word UP! Two Evans Coaches reflect on a word

It is Evans’ belief that High Performing Teams require High Performing Leaders and therefore leadership development is a strong component of creating high performing teams. Leadership coaching serves as a valuable tool for enhancing a leader’s capacity to build, empower, and sustain a high performing team. Laura English and Sean Miller are two of Evans […]

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September 27, 2018

5 Ways to “jiu jitsu” Your Next Boring Meeting

By Alex Howarth “Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you. You are facilitating or participating in a meeting intended to solicit feedback, recommendations, and/or ideas from a group or team. The purpose of the meeting is clarified, the topic is relevant, and the problem statement is explained; however, when the time comes […]

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September 26, 2018

Government Use of Drones: It’s Not Just FAA and DOD

How drones are helping the Department of Interior save money and achieve more By Dawn Stevenson The Department of Defense (DOD) has been flying drones for years, but they’re certainly not the only part of the U.S. government to use them. Departments of Interior (DOI), Agriculture (particularly the Forest Service), and Commerce (the National Oceanic […]

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