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Thrive in Five: Business Process Improvement 101

Thrive in Five
Evans Incorporated’s 25 Year Anniversary is approaching, so we’re taking the next few months to reflect on where we are currently and what’s to come! This includes highlighting one of our areas of specialization per month through September. The focus for the month of June is Business Process Improvement.

We know what a process is, and we want processes to run as smoothly as possible, but what exactly is business process improvement? This Thrive in Five is focused on introducing you to BPI so you know what it is and the benefits you can reap. Make sure to check out our featured Evans employee at the bottom of this edition, Brit Nanna, who has done excellent BPI work with Evans.

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What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

BPI is a systematic approach or methodology to analyze “As-Is” business processes, determine a desired “To-Be” business model and prepare the environment for a sustainable solution to identified gap(s) in performance. The steps include:

  • Scoping & Planning: Determine the scope of what the customer needs and plan for an appropriate level of analysis​.
  • As-Is Analysis: Gain an understanding of the current state of the operational environment; Map and verify the current process and understand pain points.
  • To-Be Design: Establish future state design; Map future state processes that identify pain points and provide recommendations to improve current state and satisfy program requirements.
  • Transition Planning: Ensure realization of target benefits; motivate stakeholders to make behavioral changes; Enable successful implementation of the ‘To-Be’ solution.
  • Continuous Improvement: Sustain the realized benefits of the improved business processes; encourage improvement​.

Benefits of BPI

Now that we know what BPI is at the surface, why should we make an effort to focus on it? Here are some benefits that might help you realize the benefit of focusing on BPI. Business Process Improvement…

  • Improves effectiveness and efficiency​
  • Lowers program costs (at or below budget)​
  • Provides a structured approach to analysis​
  • Defines a resilient solution​
  • Enhances the approach to change​
  • Aligns deliverables in support of program requirements ​

Apply the Five!

Pick one process you do regularly. If you can’t think of anything work-related, try something personal. It could even be your morning routine!

Think through how you could adjust the process to make it more efficient while still achieving the end goal. (Hint: if you need some questions to help, see Brit’s feature below.)

Learn How Evans Thrives!

What better way to inspire you to thrive than to hear about real people making it happen? And what better way to learn about Evans than to make those real people Evans employees and partners?

Meet Brit Nanna!

Many people hear “Business Process Improvement” and often think – “I have nothing to do with that. That’s for those process-minded, Lean Six Sigma-types.” Au contraire!

If you’ve ever looked at someone on the breach of a breakdown trying to accomplish something and thought to yourself…

“This would be so much easier if they just ____ .”

… then you, my friend, have already begun to think in terms of BPI. At the heart of it, BPI is about challenging the status quo and hinges on five basic questions:

  1. What are our target objectives?
  2. What is the current state of operations? (Point A)
  3. What challenges are associated with the current state? Is it helping us meet our objectives?
  4. How could operations be improved to help us achieve our objectives and minimize the challenges? (Point B)
  5. How can we move from our current state to this desired state so we can realize those benefits? (i.e., how do we get from Point A to Point B?)

You may think to yourself, “These only have to do with business processes.” The truth is, while BPI does focus on the business processes, these questions translate to almost any consulting field. We add value by helping our clients get the most out of their operations – be it risk management, communications, strategic planning, etc. – by questioning how things are and how they could be.

Until Next Time…
The Evans Thrive Team
(Nicole, Kaitlin, Laura, Bob, and Sean)

Employees thrive when they are involved, mentored, challenged, promoted, paid well, appreciated, valued, on a mission, empowered, and trusted.
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