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Evans Incorporated Launches Human-Centered CAARMA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Solutions Suite

To maximize the bottom line in UAS program implementation, leading Human-Centered Solutions consulting firm is poised to help companies and government agencies successfully navigate complex regulatory environment with guaranteed organizational effectiveness.

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA – March 16, 2017Evans Incorporated, the leading provider of Human-Centered consulting solutions, announces today the continuing expansion of its footprint as the driver of successful strategic initiatives by launching its comprehensive CAARMA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Solutions Suite. The CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite delivers significant value to users across the aviation industry in its ability to safely and effectively expand the use of UAS within the government and commercial sectors.

Evans, with 23 years of aviation experience that includes a decade of involvement in the National Airspace System (NAS), not only addresses the core programmatic and operational challenges of UAS, but also ensures success through human-centered stakeholder management, program management, risk management, communications, facilitation and training – a proprietary blend of capabilities that are integrated into Evans’ CAARMA Solutions.

According to Evans’ founder and CEO Sue Evans, the company’s CAARMA Solutions are proven to have saved the government over $10M on one project alone, through improved decision making and more efficient technology planning that generated cost avoidance measures.

The Evans aviation team, which includes UAS experts, both traditional and remote pilots, and former air traffic controllers, is well-known in the industry for successfully implementing Human-Centered Solutions within a complex regulatory environment, while mitigating risk through holistic evaluation of all organizational and technological needs for UAS implementation. Evans provides full-service support for air traffic control, pilot training, unmanned systems, flight planning, technical operations, human factors analysis, business integration, strategic planning, and aviation program management. Altogether, Evans’ staff combines over 40 years of operational aviation expertise that is relevant to UAS.

Although latest estimates forecast the UAS industry to be worth $82 billion over the next five years, organizations are struggling to capitalize on this limitless potential, especially if they don’t understand the regulatory boundaries. Evans’ CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite is tailored to give organizations, of any size, the tools they need to realize the benefits of an operational UAS program. Likely early uses of UAS include video/photo technology applications such as inspection of tall or remote structures, search and rescue, traffic and crowd monitoring, as well as pharmaceutical cargo transport.

At the core of Evans’ CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite is its four-part UAS Programmatic Readiness and Health Assessment, which is designed to minimize risk, maximize ability to exploit market-driven opportunities and optimize investment to realize the fastest possible outcomes.  To drive value and increase productivity, the Assessment follows a continuum from identifying the need for UAS all the way to ongoing operations and maintenance of the program.

Evans’ CAARMA UAS Solution Suite is accompanied by a first-in-the-industry Outcome Guarantee, resulting from Evans’ intrinsic confidence in its ability to effect lasting organizational success and growth when it delivers its Human-Centered Solutions.

Said Evans, “We launched the CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite because our broad experience in the NAS, coupled with our daily involvement with the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS program, gives us unparalleled insight into how to implement a UAS program.”

Added Evans, “The process employed by our CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite is focused on a sequential, inclusive approach that helps our customers in the Aviation Industry successfully embrace and profit from new initiatives and investments while working more effectively together. As a result, our clients can maximize the full potential of these efforts and reach ROI – Real Operational Impact®.”

About Evans Incorporated

Evans Incorporated is an award winning, industry leading Consulting and Solutions provider specializing in Human-Centered Solutions in Healthcare, Aviation and International Development, delivering results for leading commercial and public clients domestically and internationally. Over its 23-year history, Evans has been recognized for creating ROI – Real Operational Impact® for its customers looking to answer the question of “What would you do if you could not fail?” Evans’ CAARMA Solutions and Products are designed to address specific challenges related to organizational effectiveness, technology integration or business start-up with a unique, human-centered approach.  For more information about Evans Incorporated, please visit www.evansincorporated.com.


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