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Evans Incorporated Launches its Human-Centered CAARMA Solutions and Product Suite

The leading Human-Centered Solutions consulting firm imparts its expertise to boost organizational evolution, backed by a first-in-the-industry Outcome Guarantee

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA — August 30, 2016 – Evans Incorporated announces today that it has continued to expand its footprint as a smart leader in driving successful Human-Centered strategic initiatives with the launch of its comprehensive CAARMA Solutions and Product Suite.

After developing these solutions and products for some of the largest and best known organizations across multiple industries, Evans has transformed them into a first-of-its-kind platform that can drive successful outcomes and bottom-line impact to a wide range of organizations through its diagnostic-driven, risk-managed approach.

By focusing on the human element within an organization, the true Critical Success Factor (CSF) for new initiatives and investments, the CAARMA Solutions and Product Suite helps smart leaders guide their employee teams to a successful outcome. Evans’ CAARMA Solutions and Products are a blend of their comprehensive suite of services, assessments, and training techniques with a human-centered approach. This creates the perfect balance between the technical solution and behavioral approach required to assist their customers as they navigate start-up challenges, growth initiatives, and technology-based projects.

CAARMA has the solutions for:
• Those within organizations who see the potential benefits of new initiatives and investments and/or are threatened by competitive, environmental, technological, or market pressures;
• Executives who have tried to implement strategic initiatives and failed; and
• Leaders in organizations dealing with generational or cultural differences, integration of new IT systems, start-up challenges, or know they need to truly transform and reposition for sustainable future growth.

One of the unique components of CAARMA is its Change Readiness Assessment, an engineered approach for identifying and minimizing risks associated with strategic initiatives. The CAARMA approach follows several key, phased steps, including:
• Diagnose the readiness for change based on the current situation and the nature of the initiative;
• Identify specific mitigation techniques and develop the plan;
• Deploy the techniques in accordance with the plan; and
• Monitor & Evaluate the impact of the mitigation techniques, assess benefits delivered, and evaluate whether the change has been institutionalized.

The CAARMA Solutions and Product Suite is accompanied by a first-in-the-industry Outcome Guarantee, resulting from Evans’ intrinsic confidence in its ability to effect lasting organizational success and growth when it delivers the solution.

“We launched CAARMA with the belief that success begets success,” said Evans’ Founder and CEO, Sue Evans. “The process CAARMA employs is focused on a sequential, inclusive approach to empower organizations and their employees to successfully embrace and profit from new initiatives and investments while working more effectively together. As a result, our clients can maximize the full potential of these efforts and reach the ROI – Real Operational Impact®.”

For more information about Evans Incorporated and the CAARMA Solutions and Product Suite, please visit www.evansincorporated.com/CAARMA.

About Evans Incorporated
Evans Incorporated is an established and industry-leading Human-Centered Solutions and Products provider, broadly recognized for creating ROI – Real Operational Impact® for its customers. Evans is propelled by the remarkable and significant impact of its unique, human-centered, “both brain” approach and innovative products. Over its 22-year history, Evans has provided its holistic, human-centered strategies and approaches, both domestically and abroad, to customers across a number of sectors, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Aviation, International Development and Government. For more information about Evans Incorporated, please visit www.evansincorporated.com.

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