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Evans Risk Management in Action

By Dawn Stevenson

It’s important for any program to have mechanisms for managing risk, but particularly a program that’s innovative and partnership-based, where responsibilities are shared. Evans can help!

In 2017 the government began launching an innovative program to create a tool automating certain requests for airspace access. The tool is reducing a large backlog of requests from when each was processed manually, reducing the workload of FAA and the time that requesters need to wait. It is a radical departure from prior, more typical systems in that it’s a partnership with industry: the government exchanges data with (approved) companies to process requests. Companies led solution development, testing, and implementation, which means significant cost savings for the government and faster progress on a solution. The rollout of this innovative approach is exciting, but also poses risks for the stakeholders involved.

Evans is working with the program team on program management, including Risk, Issue, and Opportunity (RIO) management support. The RIO process pro-actively identifies and manages risks and benefits from opportunities in the program. A Standard Operating Procedure defines the scope of the RIO Management work, and Evans supports trainings for stakeholders to help them understand their roles in the RIO management process and how each can contribute. Starting risk management support during the testing phase set up the program for more likely success as it rolls out to more users, because the program team can make informed decisions about technical elements, communications around rollout, and requirements for the companies with which government is partnering. Our RIO approach places a premium on expert facilitators and adept communicators, to ensure the program’s RIO process is driven by professionals consistently capable of helping competing perspectives and different roles work toward a common goal and make progress against both the risks and opportunities identified within the program.

Are you part of a program taking a unique approach? Don’t let the risks deter you, but do take risk seriously. Evans can help you manage risks and get the full benefit of opportunities to set you up for success. To learn more, register for our free webinar on August 28, Program Management Optimization – Do You Want to Fight or Prevent Fires?

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