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High-Performing Teams: A Human-Centered Foundation to Healthy Organizations

Human capital, otherwise known as people, is the core, and foundation of any healthy organization. Healthy teams are made up of individuals who each bring their own strengths to combine with the unique abilities and talents of others for maximum productivity, creativity, and innovative power. For leaders, then, building and shaping teams becomes an essential element in ensuring the organization is able to effectively tackle complex challenges, maximize outcomes, and cultivate a culture of commitment – keys to long-term growth and success.

At Evans, our High-Performing Teams (HPT) process is based on a diagnostic, strengths-based approach to provide tailored and holistic solutions that build upon an organization’s existing advantages. Evans helps teams:

  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities to promote leadership and accountability.
  • Create an inclusive social infrastructure and a high degree of information sharing.
  • Consistently rise to the occasion and ensure readiness to change.

The Evans method evaluates performance in terms of team composition and output with consideration for the program’s unique characteristics. The model uses qualitative and quantitative performance indicators to measure team performance, and is based on extensive research and client-delivery experience to ensure alignment among teams, empowerment from within, collaboration/knowledge transfer, and resilience, to allow the team to adapt in response to rapid change while continuing to function at a high level.

Visit our website for more information about Evans’ High-Performing Teams expertise. Interested in receiving a brief analysis of your team’s current state? Click here to complete our HPT quiz.  To access this recent whitepaper click here.

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