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Human-Centered Change Management

By Kristen Wright, PhD, Prosci, CSM

In both the public and private sector, change is a constant, but the more change that an organization goes through, the more likely it is to start experiencing change fatigue and resistance or even change failure. Here at Evans, we recognize that change is driven by people, and through our human-centered approach to supporting transformative change, our clients enjoy a fuller realization of targeted benefits from change efforts, minimizing disruptions and optimizing results.

Diagram of human-centered change management

We have a history of effectively delivering sustainable organizational improvements using a diagnostic, human-centered, intervention-based approach to:

  • Support an organization to transition from a current state to a future state.
  • Help individuals, groups, and organizations embrace changes in their business environments.
  • Ensure changes are smoothly and successfully implemented.
  • Make sure the benefits of change are achieved and sustained.

Our approach is based on the individual requirements of an organization and their people, and is designed to be iterative, continuously adjusting based on evolving needs and feedback. To learn more about the Evans Change method, and how we leverage both industry best practices and new innovative practices in the change management discipline, we invite you to read our White Paper on Change Management.

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