Program Management Optimization (PMO)

The right balance of strategic advice and tactical support to ensure program success and sustainability

At Evans, we partner with our clients using Program Management Optimization strategies that reflect their organization’s uniqueness, effectively integrating our technical program management expertise with our human-centered approach and the interpersonal skills necessary for program success.

Our consultants specialize in implementing program management offices (PMOs), institutionalizing program management best practices, and delivering PMO strategy and execution support. Evans understands how to optimize program management, employing the right balance of strategic advice, diagnostic tools, tailored implementation strategies, and tactical support to ensure that our clients’ projects, programs, portfolios, and PMOs succeed.

Program Management Optimization

We have designed a Program Management Diagnostic Assessment based on industry and PMI best practices as well as our team’s program management expertise.  The tool captures leadership’s goals for the program management function and assesses how well the program management function is doing in achieving those goals.

Evans’ Program Management Optimization service offering is supported by our proprietary methodology for implementing change (CAARMA), which includes communications and change management plans to ensure stakeholder buy-in throughout an engagement.

Program Management Optimization Case Study

Evans was engaged by a Federal agency to support the consolidation of the program management function and help institutionalize the new program management office.

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