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Managing Risk, The Evans Way

By Ryan Burke, PMP, RMP

Proactivity is an essential ingredient in an effective, impactful Risk Management strategy. Evans Risk Management (Evans RM) delivers a streamlined, customized approach that focuses on keeping clients one step ahead of potential issues at all times, through identifying any and all:

  • Risks
  • Certainties
  • Opportunities, as well as a real-time structure to process changes as they come up in order to keep clients on the path to success.

Additionally, Evans RM’s process involves creating a ‘Risk Positive Culture’ within its client’s organizations, comprised of a tailored risk management assessment and service overview that aligns with the clients’ overall priorities and strategic goals, and the teams collaborate to identify and prioritize ‘fears’ in order to meet them head-on if -and before- they happen.

The Evans RM difference is clear. We not only manage the risks within various levels of an organization, we work alongside our clients to identify and manage opportunities to improve the organization as a whole in the process. We focus on developing relationships with key stakeholders at all levels, maintaining open communication channels, and always asking the right questions to be sure we are always head of the game when it comes to potential risks and threats to increase lasting organizational growth and success.

To learn more about the Evans RM approach, and how we are bringing a tailored, streamlined, and impact-driven approach to help our clients manage their risk efficiently and proactively, we invite you to read our White Paper on Risk Management.

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