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NVCC and Evans Incorporated Sponsored CEO Roundtable Luncheon on Challenges Across the State of Virginia Healthcare Landscape

With the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Evans Incorporated recently sponsored and facilitated a CEO roundtable focused on challenges across the State of Virginia healthcare landscape.

Attendees represented all facets of the healthcare industry, from hospitals and providers to insurance companies, revolutionary genomics research firms, healthcare advocacy groups, and local universities. This stimulating dialogue touched on the big picture challenges, like uncertainty in regulations and repayments, that span the entire healthcare industry-as well as some more specific concerns applicable to a subset of the attendees. In all, the lively discussion united a room full of diverse, experienced healthcare leaders to discuss their hopes and fears for the future of healthcare.

Uncertainty and change were the largest themes of the day, with the healthcare leaders pointing out that in addition to known/expected changes, things in their industry can shift in a heartbeat. Several leaders in the room characterized the healthcare industry as “reactionary,” and very focused on the most recent crisis of the moment. Attention and funding gets focused on that issue- when it might not be as grave or impactful as many others. “We are incentivizing healthcare providers to chase money and funding, not to provide better healthcare,” explained Crystal Icenhour, PhD of Aperiomics, Inc.  There was a shared sense of urgency to revolutionize the U.S.’s approach to healthcare, becoming more holistic, proactive, and collaborative.

Information systems and data were also highlights of the discussion, from the need to integrate IT systems with innovation, to the value of healthcare data with respect to potential cyber-attacks, and the accessibility/availability of data to the patient. “Historically, we haven’t played well in the same sandbox, and we need to be better about information sharing,” said Julie Dime, Vice President of Government Advocacy, with the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association.  Also with respect to data, there is a renewed sense of urgency regarding data breaches in the context of emergency management. When planning for disasters, facilities need to plan how they will maintain their IT systems and data.

In a similar vein, emergency management and emergency preparedness emerged as topics, with leaders such as the event facilitator, Chris Smith CEO of Medeprep, sharing how quickly infectious diseases like Ebola and Zika could emerge in our country. “They could be here in a manner of minutes,” she shared, and cautioned healthcare leaders to take an all-hazards approach to their emergency planning efforts, per a revised CMS rule on healthcare emergency preparedness.  “Facilities should develop opportunities for training and education on emergency preparedness across their communities,” Ms. Smith added.

Ultimately, there was a sense of community among the attendees, acknowledging that their industry is comprised of people who truly care about doing things better, for the sake of the patient. There are always new ways of conducting business to incorporate emerging innovations, create efficiencies, adopt new processes, and improve education- all while keeping the human element in mind.

For more information, and to see how Evans Incorporated can help your organization with healthcare challenges, please visit https://www.evansincorporated.com/who-we-work-with/healthcare/healthcare-emergency-preparedness/.

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