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Overview: Evans’ Human-Centered Strategic Planning

by Jesse Lambert

Evans Incorporated can help your organization innovate from the inside out with our Human-Centered Strategic Planning solution. Evans consultants will collaborate with you, guiding you through a process of discovery, definition, and development. We use a four-phase process that incorporates universal elements of strategic development and implementation, and is scalable to your desired scope.

  • During Phase 1, you will assess your organization’s needs and aspirations, and define (or refine) your Core Strategy Artifacts – your mission, vision, values, and capabilities statements
  • In Phase 2, you will evaluate the external factors that comprise your operating environment (e.g., market dynamics, technology trends) and the internal attributes that make you unique (e.g., demographics, organizational structure), establishing a context for strategy formulation
  • Then in Phase 3, you will define or recalibrate strategic goals that are aligned to your aspirations and designed within the context of your operating environment and organizational attributes
  • Finally, in Phase 4, you will develop and conduct a series of organizational development activities to implement your strategy and transform your organization, leveraging best practices in change management, project management optimization, business process reengineering, high-performing teams, and training
  • Each phase is anchored by continuous stakeholder engagement, with tailored engagement strategies for relevant stakeholder groups and key individuals, updated during each phase to ensure that the right people are involved at the right time, ensuring support and commitment

If your organization needs help with strategy preparation, formulation, and execution, we have you covered – we’ll guide you from Phase 1 through Phase 4. If you need help fine-tuning your strategic plan but want to do the execution part yourself, we’ll focus on Phases 1 through 3. And if you have a great plan but need help with execution, we’ll skip to Phase 4 and focus on organizational transformation, one individual at a time.
A strategy is just a plan until the people within your organization embrace it and make it their reality. Evans’ Human-Centered approach to Strategic Planning will help you ensure that outcome.

Please click below to view a white paper describing Evans’ approach to strategy in detail.

The 4 phases of human-centered strategic planning

To find out more about how Evans’ human-centered approach to strategy can enrich you and your organization, please contact Jesse Lambert, Principal & Strategic Planning Practice Lead, at jlambert@evansincorporated.com or (703) 969-9680.

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