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1500times better than other products

What else would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Sue Evans, PhD, Evans Incorporated

The core of how we deliver great results is our people. Everyone is going to say their people are their unique element but our people really are.

Sue Evans - Founder, President and CEO, Evans Incorporated
Richard Hudson, Evans Incorporated

Other consulting firms can be very competitive and that’s not enjoyable. Evans has a lot of creative people and a lot of creative people willing to work together and build on each other’s ideas and enhance each other’s ideas. Evans people all have a very good work ethic in terms of doing things for the client and remaining connected to Evans and one another.

Richard Hudson - Director, Evans Incorporated
Sue Evans, PhD, Evans Incorporated

One of the things I’ve noticed in the growth of the company is that we have really exceptional people who come on board with a lot of energy and passion. I want to make sure that as we continue to grow, we are keeping that flame lit and constantly fueling individual fires while we fuel the fires of our company.

Sue Evans - Founder, President and CEO, Evans Incorporated
Sue Evans, PhD, Evans Incorporated

Reaching a twenty year milestone was a big deal. The anniversary party that we hosted to celebrate and the energy that went in to that was very energizing for me.

Sue Evans - Founder, President and CEO, Evans Incorporated
Jack Moore, Evans Incorporated

Our culture is very collegial. We always try and collaborate with each other and we recognize that people from different levels know a lot more about different areas

Jack Moore - Director, Client Development, Evans Incorporated
Sue Evans, PhD, Evans Incorporated

When I talk to clients, they say, ‘We don’t need engineers. We need people who can help the engineers talk to each other.’ By being that special listener and communicator we have an ability to engage with our clients and make an impact in a relatively quick period of time.

Sue Evans - Founder, President and CEO, Evans Incorporated
Sue Evans, PhD, Evans Incorporated

CAARMA™ is a flexible method, with a comprehensive set of supporting techniques and tools. It’s foundational to everything we do.

Sue Evans - Founder, President and CEO, Evans Incorporated
Bob Etris, Evans Incorporated

We make the complex and challenging simple and solvable.

Bob Etris - Director, Federal Aviation Administration Account

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