Ana Gross

Ana has been a valued member of the Evans team for almost 10 years. As an Office Manager, her job entails various duties including: HR, office management, IT assistance, bookkeeping assistance, event planning, graphic design, photography and comic relief. With the numerous changes and situations she’s encountered, Ana could write a book of humorous stories she’s collected on the job!

She has picked up many tricks of the trade and has learned that chocolate is essential in problem solving and in keeping the Evans Staff happy. The most exciting part of the job for Ana is the hiring process. The hard work that goes into building up the Evans Staff results in a phenomenal team.

Ana’s first job: Bill collector for a department store. At one point, her boss reprimanded her for laughing too much with the customers on the phone; Apparently people have very funny excuses for not paying. In her words, “I lasted 6 months. If I can’t laugh I’m in the wrong place!”