Lauren Thomas

Lauren has been with Evans Incorporated since May 2014 where she serves as a project manager. With a background in psychology and 17+ years of relevant experience, Lauren has a unique perspective into Evan’s methodology of ‘human-centered change’. She is passionate about people, knowledgable about organizational change and skilled in working with expert technical groups such as engineers and air traffic controllers to successfully implement sustainable business improvement.

Lauren graduated with honors from the University of Liverpool with a B.A. in Psychology and went on to receive her MSc in Applied Psychology from Cranfield University. Lauren is a specialist in organizational psychology and human factors, and applies her expertise in human behavior to a range of areas, including training, change management, and organizational development.

Lauren’s first job: Consultant for the Royal Navy with the Defence Evaluation Research Agency (now QinetiQ). Her role involved providing training, research and consultancy to the Royal Navy/Royal Marines Officer and Rating/Other Rank selection process.