Stephanie Perlick

Stephanie joined Evans in 2010 after exploring the world as an English teacher, an employee of the federal government, a management consultant at a large firm, and then, as an independent consultant.  During this time, she lived and worked in China, Japan, Iraq, and Afghanistan as well as managed multiple multi-million dollar projects throughout the African continent.

She finally found her home at Evans, where she is able to explore her professional passions, while leveraging her 15 years of professional experience to help her clients within the FAA excel.  Stephanie relies on her ability to see the problems beneath the problem and loves to work closely with her clients as a part of their team to find solutions even when complex personalities and challenges appear insurmountable.

Within Evans, Stephanie acts as a Program Manager and works with senior leadership and Project Managers to improve Project Management skills and processes throughout the company.  She is also a member of the Evans Strategy Implementation Team and is the co-lead of the High Performing Teams Community of Practice.

Stephanie holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from Indiana University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Stephanie’s first job: Bussing tables at the local Elks Club at age 14