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The Army Loves Business Process Reengineering

By Emad Elias, MBA, PMP, CLSSGB

The U.S. Army is one of the most successful organizations in the world at balancing costs, schedules, and quality. No one would disagree that their mission is absolutely critical. Indeed, affecting human life in a very direct way, every day. They recently (2016) decided to start a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Center of Excellence (CoE) at their base in Aberdeen, MD. The graphic below shows how your organization might be structured, and where a CoE would fit.

The purpose of this internal organization is to achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness, and they’ve chosen a tried and true methodology and tool set in BPR. This team is well versed in how to bridge gaps between organizational functions such as Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology (IT). According to Crystal Chadwick, the Director of the Army’s BPR CoE, “all of these enterprises are not always operating at maximum efficiency.”

What problem sets does BPR solve?

Many may think BPR is a tool set typically used for saving money and getting rid of staff. While this has been true in the past, more modern and proven use of this powerful service does of course result in cost savings, but through focus on problem definition related to clarity of roles and responsibilities vs. people’s individual performance. It’s very people focused!

Are you looking for results like these?

  • Improved performance as measured by traditional business metrics such as quality, improvement, reduced cycle times, or higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced costs based on improved performance.
  • Improved efficiency across business functions, teams, and organization units.
  • Increased effectiveness of solutions such that the mapping of the As-Is state to the future state allows the assessment of impact of change, and therefore managing change more effectively.
  • Development of a unique business operation focused on distinct customer segments focused on the customer.
  • Business growth resulting from alignment between people, processes, mission performance, and technology.

At Evans Incorporated, we are intensely focused on partnering with our customers to help strategically plan the future based on relationship building at multiple levels to build a solution that sticks. Our consultants do not hand you some slides and leave. Nor are we IT consultants that simply recommend technology solutions. We’re a committed bunch that know the right questions to ask, to the right people, to allow you to develop a holistic solution for yourself and your people. Are you tackling similar problems to the U.S. Army and need a creative but practical roadmap? We’re ready to help!

To find out more about how Evans’ human-centered approach to Business Process Improvement can enrich you and your organization, please contact Emad Elias, PMP, CMP, CLSSGB, at eelias@evansincorporated.com or (703) 568-6840.

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