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The Human Element as the ‘Secret Sauce’ for Effective, Lasting, Continuous Change

Success Begets Success!

By: Jim Wright, Evans Incorporated

There’s no shortage of examples that prove the old adage continues to be true- the one constant in life (and work) is change. So, with this in mind – why are we usually apprehensive for what we know is an inevitable event?

The reason? Most often fear. Of failure, of change itself, and of things just simply being different than before. Of the unknown.

However, what if you could go confidently forward, unfettered and unobstructed because you knew you had taken all of the major variables and factors in the change decision or activity into account? Seems logical, doesn’t it?

It might surprise you to know, but that reaction isn’t nearly as common as it should be. At Evans, we have proven time and time again in our work over the last 20+ years with some of the largest and best-known brands, that amidst the near constant – and necessary – changes organizations must undergo to achieve growth and lasting success, the crucial (and often disregarded) ingredient in the mix is the human element. The people themselves who are, and will be, physically affected by the change, as well as key drivers within it, entrusted with the ability to make it ultimately sustainable – as we often say, “Success begets Success.”

The seemingly ‘old-fashioned’ human ‘secret sauce’ in the mix has never been more important, even in our age of exciting expansion and technical possibility. The biggest reasons why shouldn’t surprise you at all. In order to execute, implement, and facilitate lasting organizational change, several key efforts, all with people at their core, are necessary. These include:

  • Empowering cohesion behind a common goal: the change and its impacts.
  • Identifying and addressing key change risks: such as lack of skills, knowledge, resources, and insufficient support structures, which could have the power to derail the change efforts and effect team members’ abilities to adapt, which we uncover through Evans’ Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) to confront these risks head-on at the outset and throughout the process.
  • Acknowledging each individual’s role, significance, and vitality to the change process: taking team members’ specific hopes, biases, and fears into account and reminding them of the central role they play in making the change effort a success, regardless of their position or level at the organization.
  • Establishing an open feedback structure to convey the benefits -not the challenges- of the change: adopting an ‘open door’ policy to air concerns and insecurities, allowing team members to understand that they are part of the process, not roadblocks to the change itself.

The key takeaway of all of this really is that as much as the human element can complicate change proceedings, it is vital to ensuring these efforts have ‘sticking power’, and bringing measurable, lasting results for organizations. The confidence and cohesion driven by a common purpose, along with an open communication structure to enable each individual to understand their role -and importance – in the process, are critical ingredients in the change recipe. Within this, we at Evans have also seen the value of our roles as a change leader and advocate, as well as a supporter of our clients, to ensure decision makers at our client organizations are succeeding and reaching their goals with confidence, even in times of ambiguity.

What’s more – we’re so confident in the human element as a driver of organizational change that when clients trust us as their end-to-end provider of transformation solutions, they can also trust in the proven 100% guarantee on the unique Human-Centered methodological approach Evans uses to adapt diverse environments to ongoing change and drive Real Operational Impact®.

So we’d like to ask you a question: What else would you do if you knew you could not fail?  We will be holding an intensive, 3-hour Change Readiness Workshop on Thursday, November 10, 2016, from 8:30am-12pm at Evans Incorporated. Led by the leader of Evans’ Change Management Practice, Jim Wright, and Richard Hudson, Director of Client Delivery, in the session you will:

  • Take a deeper dive into how to conduct a Change Readiness Assessment at your organization;
  • Explore a case study where participants will apply the concepts they learn to a real-world scenario; and
  • Emerge equipped with practical and immediately applicable Change Readiness Assessment techniques and mitigation strategies for common risks, including stakeholder engagement and communications plans.

Following this workshop, you will know how to implement a portfolio of strategic initiatives and investments that you want to launch in the next year and are ready to ensure success where you know YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO FAIL!

What are you waiting for? Click here to Register Now! We look forward to seeing you on November 10th!

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