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The Right Tool for the Job

With David Lee Roth playing on the radio, I am reminded that one should use “the Right Tool for the Job.”  This mantra can be used throughout life when it comes to finding the best instrument to complete a task.

As the UAS market grows, more and more companies will begin making specific platforms to satisfy user needs.  For instance, currently there are UAS platforms that support commercial operations, providing “the Right Tool for the Job” by providing a highly specialized, custom built, and potentially very expensive solutions.  But, businesses often struggle to integrate these tools into their company’s operations.

When looking to implement a UAS program that will fulfill a business need, supplement their workforce, or generate revenue, businesses are often left with few choices that may not fit their operational need.  They can invest a large amount of capital for a specialized and custom-built platform, purchase a consumer “Pro” model that may not be the right solution, or forgo the endeavor all together.  Essentially, there has been a gap in the market for UAS platforms that specifically focus on business operations in a way that simplifies integration at an affordable price.

As a leading UAS manufacturer, DJI has announced its line of enterprise models that appear to cater to the market for affordable, mass-produced, business related UAS platforms.  This is not a customized, one-off, six figure UAS platform; this is a production model much like their Inspire and Phantom lines that have become popular all over the world.  By designing this platform with specific focus on business use, they have opened the door for business, municipalities, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and many other small and large organizations to benefit from their use.

With this burgeoning market of affordable business class UAS platforms, businesses no longer have to emphasize cost and fit, but can focus on the use and benefits, such as usefulness, impact to efficiency, competitive advantage, and other investment related factors.  This is exactly what “the Right Tool for the Job” should do – make your job easier.

Chad Tyson, Senior Aviation Analyst at Evans

DJI Press Release


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