Our training equips public sector managers to guide successful change, deliver sustainable solutions, and build a resilient workforce

The Evans Approach

It is globally recognized that the only constant in both the private and public sectors is CHANGE. Evans’ CAARMA Change Management Method focuses on the human element and assists leaders to enable their organizations to improve mission delivery by making the complex and challenging, simple and solvable. We have a history of effectively delivering sustainable organizational improvements using a holistic systems approach to optimizing the mix of people, process, and technology in our clients’ business environments.

Evans’ has provided support for a variety of clients including public financial management (PFM) and governance reforms or fiscal oversight for development programs globally. This support has included dedicated change management services to identify critical change risks facing development programs and to identify key tactics and strategies to manage those risks. We also assist our development partners in advancing change management strategies that support their government executives and local partners to ensure sponsorship engagement, to manage stakeholder constituencies, to deliver effective and targeted communications, and to monitor change impact over time.

Evans training and ongoing coaching support also focus on building meta change capacity. Because change is no longer a one-off occurrence impacting organizations and is becoming a constant, Evans places a premium on assisting our clients to build their own meta change capacity. This meta change capacity ensures leaders have the right knowledge, tools, and techniques to drive transformative initiatives in their organizations and to drive desired behaviors with respect to change. It also allows them to build coalitions of support and a common vision for changes impacting government ministries because of PFM and Governance reforms.

The Crucial Role of PFM Change Leadership

A critical factor for achieving success on PFM and Governance reforms is equipping leaders with the skills, tactics, and techniques to drive changes in their organizations and to effectively motivate a public-sector workforce. With the high instances of ambitious reform agendas impacting Governments, fiscally austere budget environments, and constantly realigning objectives, organizations need to make their workforces more receptive and more resilient in the face of change.

Whether implementing a new, broadly impacting Presidential directive, or new systems, policies, procedures or processes, effective change management can equip Government leaders to motivate their workforce and drive the right behavior to improve individual, group, and organizational performance. Effective change management strategies and tactics can also ensure more rapid adoption, greater utilization and increased proficiency in the use of new systems and work practices related to PFM and Governance reforms.

Our Course

Evans Incorporated offers a Change Leaders Training (CLT) program for government officials and executives supporting a range of strategic initiatives related to PFM and Governance reforms. The purpose of the CLT course is to equip those leading or adopting the reform initiatives in their agencies with the skills, techniques, and tools to drive desired behavior around these complex changes. It also equips officials and implementing partners with the skills to rapidly identify and manage critical change risks associated with each reform initiative. The curriculum is tailored for an audience that will be leading or supporting PFM reforms over the next several years, aiming to promote individual and institutional acceptance of change initiatives. It also serves to promote cultures of transparency and accountability and to deliver effective communications with civil society to engender trust in Government around the intent and outcomes of these public financial management reforms.

The Evans CAARMA curriculum will equip trainees to take a human-centered approach to change, with units on:

  • The Nature and Process of Change
  • Structuring Successful Change
  • Risk Based Management of Change
  • Building Leadership Commitment and Managing Resistance
  • Marketing Change
  • Architecting a Change Team
  • Monitoring Change Impact
  • Managing a Portfolio of Change
  • Fundamentals of Successful Management

Our team of international experts emphasize a practical approach to leading change, and participants will leave the course able to:

  • Define the key aspects of an effective change management program,
  • Form right-sized change management teams to support ambitious reform agendas,
  • Explain techniques in conducting change readiness analytics,
  • Build leadership commitment around the vision for change,
  • Develop tailored plans for effectively managing stakeholders,
  • Conduct targeted and well-timed change communications, and
  • Apply change impact monitoring to ensure changes are being realized and are long-lasting.

To most effectively meet client training needs, Evans offers this training in 3 different formats: Distance Learning (with combined modules and webinars); Hybrid Approach (2-3 days of classroom training followed by virtual sessions); and Classroom Training (a week-long CAARMA certification course).

Our expert staff combines decades of change management, public financial management, and training experience. Evans is a recognized leader in managing change, particularly in support of transformative initiatives to improve governance, public sector accountability, and organizational performance. We have delivered change management support services for a range of clients, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank Group (WBG), the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Ukraine Finance Academy, and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Evans has taken a thought leadership role in promoting the important role change management plays in supporting governance and public sector reform efforts and aid effectiveness, and we currently hold leadership positions on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM). We have led multiple training workshops on the role of change risk analytics and change strategy development for Public Financial Management reform, delivering change management trainings to hundreds of individuals from Ministries of Finance from more than 50 countries through the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management.