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Your Organization’s Reputation in the Marketplace: Building a Solid Employment Brand

By Beth Zimmerman

You might not have heard of the term employment brand before, but whether you’ve been a job seeker or part of an organization looking to fill open positions or find new customers, you’ve been focused on it. Consider these scenarios:

  • As a job seeker, you ask friends and colleagues for their impressions of various potential employers. You may also look online for this information, such as on Glassdoor.com where current and former employees share information about their employers. You are trying to find answers to questions like: What is it like to work at company X? How does that compare to organization Y?
  • As an employer seeking to fill open positions, you are concerned about what picture strong potential candidates have about your organization. Will they be interested in submitting an application and, should you want to hire them, will they want to become a member of your team? What do your current employees say about your company when they are at a neighborhood barbeque?
  • Organizations are also concerned about their reputation among their customer base. What are existing and potential customers’ impressions and conclusions about your staff and the type of service they can expect from your team?

In all of these scenarios, the focus is on the organization’s employment brand; that is, their reputation in the talent marketplace.

Evans is exceptionally proud to have been recognized on June 1, 2016 with the 2016 Helios HR Apollo Award for outstanding Employment Brand. The Apollo Awards honor human capital excellence in talent development.

At Evans, our employment brand is defined by our aspiration to be the destination of choice for leaders looking for the professional and personal space to exercise their passions. Our strong reputation in the talent marketplace is reflected in our 75% employee referral rate, 90% employee retention rate, and over 90% of business from client referrals. By combining a passion for development with commitment to people, we’ve created an employment brand synonymous with success for everyone.

We have found several approaches to be central to the creation and maintenance of our strong employment brand. We regularly affirm our brand through client, industry and employee surveys, and engaging all staff in activities that protect and strengthen our brand. For example:

  • Senior executives conduct annual face-to-face voice of the customer (VOC) interviews to elicit feedback on our people and services. VOC-provided comments like “great people-pickers” show that our clients recognize our unique ability to select, train, engage and retain outstanding leaders. Clients see and highlight Evans’ staff quality and retention as a valuable differentiator – especially compared against a body-shop mindset they may have seen from other firms.
  • Evans conducts voice of employee (VOE) surveys at least annually to elicit feedback on supportiveness of management, opportunities for development and advancement, effectiveness of communication, and satisfaction with benefits and compensation. Surveys are performed by third party firms, or as part of validating our standing as a 2015 Great Place to Work by the Washingtonian, or as a Company as Responsible Employer (CARE) award recipient by Northern Virginia Family Services. VOE results – ratings and comments – are shared and used to prioritize and drive initiatives to strengthen our employment brand.

In executing these and other activities to reinforce the strong organizational culture that underlies our success, the words of noted author and speaker Simon Sinek, resonate: “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

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