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Aligning Personal and Professional Goals

Thrive in Five
We all strive towards being the best version of ourselves. The goal, for some means achieving the most out of their career and for others setting their alarm 30 minutes early. So why can’t we do both? Today we will explore steps you can take to align personal and professional goals.

Managing Up helps us become better problem solvers and team players, but it also helps us understand how to better help our managers! In today’s Thrive, we will explore the role of Managing Up and a few tips on best practices.

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So How Can I Align My Goals?

It is crucial to understand what motivates us personally and professionally, in doing so we can identify the goals we wish to set for ourselves. According to the Psychological Bulletin, goal-setting alters the structure of your brain so that you perceive and behave in ways that help you achieve set goals. With proper planning and self-reflection, we can align our personal and professional goals, ultimately setting ourselves up for success.

Here are a few tips on Aligning Personal and Professional Goals:

Leverage Your Interests

Use your interests to compliment workplace skills. For example, if you love meeting new people and visiting new places, client-facing careers could be a great way for you to put your play into practice!

Stay True to Your Boundaries

There is power in knowing your limits and when to stop. For example, if your coworkers email after work hours, politely let them know that if it is not urgent, you will only respond within the workday.

Embrace Imperfection

By changing your viewpoint, you break down barriers and encourage learning opportunities. For example, if you find an area of interest within your organization, embrace the opportunity as opposed to disallowing yourself from trying it out due to inexperience.

Apply the Five

Now that you’ve got some tips in your toolkit, let’s take a look at how we can better align personal and professional goals.

Develop a plan for yourself here, keeping personal and professional goals in mind!

By figuring out what motivates you, the brain is able to subconsciously set goals and allow you to achieve successful outcomes!

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Meet Jessica Bonacquisti!

Setting professional or personal goals can be a daunting undertaking, which is why we tend to focus on doing it at the New Year. Balancing both is tough, and often it’s easy to let one slip in lieu of the other. But here’s what I can tell you… Most of those professional goals are tied to something personal in your life that is driving it.

Using a real-life example, I set a professional goal for myself this year that I wanted to start graduate school to continue learning and growing in my career. Looking back, the driver of this professional goal really stemmed from a personal goal of mine , which was to become more confident. I realized that a way that I would feel more confident would be knowing I had become more knowledgeable in my field of interest and being able to say I had earned a master’s degree.

Recognizing that my two goals were actually connected, made the idea of accomplishing them both seem realistic and reminded me that I wouldn’t lose sight of either goal, instead, they’d go together hand-in-hand. I encourage you to examine the professional goals you set for yourself and see how they tie into your personal goals . Chances are, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised about how well they fit together!

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(Kaitlin Hurley, Mahi Chopra and Nicole Anderson)

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