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Assessing Value Creation

By Lauren Thomas, Evans Incorporated

Sometimes it can be difficult to quantify the “value add” from innovation and from human experiences. The benefits of some projects may be intangible, invisible, or difficult to quantify. For example, the value of a good idea is difficult to measure, especially at the early stages of its application. We have also worked with clients who need help identifying the value of face-to-face meetings versus electronic briefings and virtual experiences.

Drawing on evaluation methodologies from a range of sources, Evans can help organizations to identify “value cycles” that help to describe the reach and adoption of good practices. We have applied this approach in change management, training and contingency planning projects, and have found that it helps us to move beyond standard metrics and key performance indicators to more clearly describe a “value add” to clients, change managers, and change resistors.

The value creation process

Evans also uses this value cycle approach to capture and re-tell compelling stories about how value is added like ripples in a pond as innovation and experience are passed on within a network or community. These narratives help project managers, change agents and organizations to describe the advantages of a change when conventional return on investment data may not yet be available. Story-telling is a human universal, and this approach gives the detail behind the numbers, helping to describe value when other metrics might not yet be available.

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