A unique consulting culture

The Evans environment is very different from other consulting firms. Employees continually tell us they feel supported, encouraged, and welcomed from day one.

But let’s rewind –

The Evans experience starts before day one with our thorough and people-centric recruiting process. We are extremely proud that our leadership team is active in recruitment for every role, no matter what the position, and we’ve developed our processes to make sure employees’ skills, personalities, priorities and growth goals match up with what we need and what we have to offer. Afterall, candidates should be interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing them! Engagement is a two-way street, and we create the communication platform during the recruiting process to set that foundation for the relationship long-term.

Award Winning Culture of Professional Development

Our human-centered culture doesn’t stop once we hire someone. It only ramps up from there! We nurture our staff’s careers with professional development opportunities and room to grow within the company.

How do we nurture our team members? Well… where do we start?! Do you want to get your masters or doctorate? We help you fund that goal! Do you want to take time to go to a conference? We have paid external professional development hours you can use! Do you want to attend an internal training to grow a specific skill? We have paid internal training hours for you to use, too! What about professional memberships? Check! What about speaking at engagements? Check! What about writing professional blogs or articles in publications? Check and check!

Evans has even won the Helios Apollo Award multiple times and been a finalist on even more occasions in recognition of our commitment to employee growth and continuous learning. Our point? If you want to grow, we want to support you!

Evans Incorporated Award Winning Culture

Collaborative Consulting

Being a technical expert is only half of the equation at Evans. It’s equally important (maybe even more) that our team members have the right attitude. Consulting has the potential to be an isolated and competitive lifestyle, but we are intentional about doing things differently. We foster and promote collaboration and innovation in all aspects of our organization – there is no such thing as a “team of one” at Evans! Rather, we are “all one team.”

Evans Incorporated: Collaborative Consulting

Overall, this is a great place to work. We have employees from many different professional backgrounds, and Evans excels at figuring out how to utilize those skills to create the ideal team for each client's needs. Employees also have ample opportunity to develop their consulting skills and work for interesting clients. Finally, it is a truly collaborative work environment where you can always find someone to contribute time and expertise when you need it.

– Anonymous Manager (Glassdoor)

Evans provides one of the most collaborative, team-centered atmospheres I've ever seen. I also love the flexibility they support in terms of how and where we work - truly emphasizing it's a matter of delivering value to the clients vs. "butts in seats". The management structure, while hierarchical, operates much like a horizontal organization where you work with a group of peers in a manner that promotes mutual respect.

– Anonymous Manager (Glassdoor)
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