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Celebrating 25 Years of Service: Our Legacy of Positive Change

For 25 years, Evans Incorporated has been committed to a culture of service and servant leadership – we believe it is central to our human-centered approach. In addition to serving our clients and partners, we give back to our profession and community by lending time and expertise to associations and non-profit organizations. In this vein, we recently unveiled our strategic vision for 2025: we build healthy organizations that move society forward. We believe healthy organizations are the foundation to healthy communities and—as a company that specializes in human-centered change management—we recognize that authentic change must first begin on the individual level.

Service through Leadership

Since 1974, The Women’s Center in Vienna, Virginia has provided mental health counseling, support, and education to help people live healthy, stable, and productive lives. Since 2013, Evans has sponsored The Women Center’s annual Leadership Conference, providing our team with greater awareness of the organization’s mission and impact. The event is a highly anticipated day of connection, thought leadership, and inspiration, as attendees hear and learn from those who are rising above the fray and making a positive difference in the world.

Last year, the theme for the conference was “Be the Change” and this year, “It Starts with Us.” These sentiments perfectly align with the Evans model for change, accountability, and the culture of leadership in service. Evans practices “leadership” as a VERB, and our leadership is demonstrated through service, so others may be drivers of change for themselves, their families, organizations, and their community.

Meeting Core Human Needs

ur commitment to service is not limited to extending support in the form of professional training. Since 2010, we have donated over 5,000 lbs. of food and cash-equivalents to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). We understand that individuals cannot act to better their lives without first having their basic needs met. AFAC helps to feed 2,300 families in the local community every week. We have numerous programs that provide support in the form of primary needs – food, clothing, shelter – to organizations like Salvation Army, Shelter House, Northern Virginia Family Services, and more.

Our Legacy

From the beginning 25 years ago, Evans has sought to streamline systems and processes to improve organization operations. We learned that changes in processes won’t last and deliver ROI – Real Operational Impact® – without ensuring a connection at the individual level first. Healthy individuals, those who are resilient and have their basic needs met, are better able to drive ROI in their organizations. As leaders, we believe it is our responsibility to serve individuals, who, in a virtuous cycle, contribute to the development of healthy organizations and communities. Moving society forward starts with us, and that is the legacy of positive change and ROI we hope to achieve.

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