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Celebrating 25 Years of Service: the Unidos Program

Evans Incorporated is celebrating 25 years of human-centered change. Central to its mission is a commitment to service and servant leadership. Evans will highlight the successes, partnerships, and milestones in the “Celebrating 25 Years of…” blog series.

On September 20, 2017, everything changed for Puerto Rico. A hurricane of unprecedented strength destroyed much of the island, leaving the great majority of Puerto Ricans without power, water, communications and access to food. In response to the immense devastation created by Hurricane Maria, the Hispanic Federation (HF) convened government, community and philanthropic institutions and leaders to create the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program.

The goal of the UNIDOS Program is clear: to serve the immediate and long-term needs of families and communities in Puerto Rico.

Through combined contributions from Evans Staff, Friends and Family of Evans Inc., and a corporate match, we exceeded our goal of $5000 and raised over $6500 in contributions to support UNIDOS and the Hispanic Federation Hurricane Relief effort.

HF has been at the forefront of local and national advocacy efforts urging the U.S. federal government to provide Puerto Rico the assistance it needs to recover and heal. It has taken unprecedented action, helping to coordinate hundreds of donation drives in the U.S. mainland, distributing millions of pounds of food, water and essentials to those most affected by the storm, delivering emergency relief aid to over 75 hard-hit municipalities, and seeding a millions of dollars to support emergency relief and recovery projects throughout Puerto Rico. So much of this work has been made possible because people from across our nation and the world and organizations like Evans Incorporated have stood shoulder to shoulder with us. In fact, HF received contributions from more than 125,000 people from all 50 states, every US territory, and from 23 countries around the globe.

From a local perspective, the $5000 goal that Evans Incorporated exceeded helped make the following possible:

  • For each $30 donation, it helped a family of 4 purchase food for a week including:
  • 20lb bag of rice
  • Cans of vegetables, fruit, beans, salchicha and tomato sauce
  • Water, coffee
  • Up to 500 homes were able to receive solar lamps used for lighting needed for areas that have been (and may remain) without electricity

From a broader perspective, thanks to organizations like Evans Incorporated, HF was able to help heal, strengthen and uplift families and communities across Puerto Rico and carried out the following actions:

  • Invested two million dollars to purchase food, water and other essentials for people on the island. More than 4,000,000 pounds of emergency supplies have been delivered directly to 75 of the 78 municipalities across Puerto Rico.
  • Worked with our community, government and philanthropic partners to coordinate nineteen relief aid flights to Puerto Rico, transporting essential supplies, medication, medical equipment, medical personnel and first responders.
  • Seeded an initial $2.5M Fund to support grassroots nonprofits on the island and investing $7.5 million dollars in grassroots nonprofits that will help people rebuild their lives on the island. HF’s goal is to strengthen the social services infrastructure available to families and communities in Puerto Rico.
  • With the goal of purchasing and distributing 100,000 individual water filtration systems for households and classrooms across Puerto Rico, HF worked with the American Federation of Teachers and Operation Blessing International to seed and launch Operation Agua.
  • Established communications with municipal mayors and suppliers on the island that specialize in collecting, packaging, and moving goods throughout Puerto Rico to create fast, reliable routes to hard-hit areas outside of San Juan.
  • Distributed 2,400 water filters to families in Villalba, Utuado, Manati, Hatillo, Barceloneta, Juana Diaz and Santa Isabel.
  • In partnership with Warrior Angels and Mindo Futures, HF helped evacuate 160 patients in need of urgent medical care from Ponce to the U.S. mainland.


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