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Checklist for Future Plans

Thrive in Five
Evans’ 25th Anniversary is here! In the same light, we’ve developed our 2025 Vision. With that being said, we’re taking this Thrive to focus on giving YOU a foundation for creating your own future plan.

This Thrive in Five is focused on giving you a checklist to make sure you’ve considered as much as possible to set your plan up for success. In our “Learn How Evans Thrives” section, meet the mastermind behind our own vision and strategic plan!

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Have you covered all your bases?

Our main goal for this Thrive is to give you a foundation for creating your future plan so you can make sure you didn’t overlook anything. Follow our checklist below to start planning your future success!

Strategy Checklist Graphic. Download the PDF below.

Apply the Five!

Think about something you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to make manager. Maybe you want to implement a new system or process. Maybe you want to get a degree or a certification.

The good news is: the checklist above works for all plans! While some plans might be simpler than others, take some time to walk through the list above with your goal in mind to create your own. Then go and do awesome!

Learn How Evans Thrives!

What better way to inspire you to thrive than to hear about real people making it happen? And what better way to learn about Evans than to make those real people Evans employees and partners?

Meet Iliana Alvarado!

I once had a dream of being a writer. I was in third grade and couldn’t contain my excitement over my English assignment. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase my hidden talent!
I spent a week imagining the storyline and finally wrote my masterpiece—The Penny Around the World. I created an adventure capturing the penny’s experience as it passed from one hand to the next. The story goes…

…First stop, NYC! Serving as change for a cab ride, the penny was taken to the Statue of Liberty where it was tossed onto her platform for good luck. It was picked up by a child enticed by its sparkle and ended up traveling by plane to a schoolyard in Europe. There it lost a game of hopscotch and seemed to meet its demise, but it was spotted by a sharp-eyed bird. The bird soared over the Eye… and you know the rest. The penny lived on for many adventures, traveling to all corners of the world.
I was proud of my story, but then experienced the first setback of my life. I got a big fat “C”. Capital for crushed. I believed I’d be a writer only if I was the best. Only if the story was loved by my teacher. Only if…

I closed my heart to writing, but never forgot the feeling of creating adventure. Fast forward 30 years, and you will find me on a plane to London, realizing another dream — meeting innovative companies creatively solving complex problems. From there, I’ll travel to Miami, Mexico, NY, and … I’m living the life of my penny.

What I learned is plans don’t always work out. Just start somewhere and try different angles. Those perceived failures are guiding posts to a better path. Above all else, the answer is the vision (of the Eye, ojos, Times Square variety).

Until Next Time…
Evans’ Talent Engagement Team
(Kaitlin Hurley and Nicole Anderson)

Employees thrive when they are involved, mentored, challenged, promoted, paid well, appreciated, valued, on a mission, empowered, and trusted.
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