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Thrive in Five
Employee engagement has been on the up-trend for years now, but a new aspect that is still growing in popularity is health and wellness’s influence on engagement. We want to focus on this newer perspective in this Thrive in Five!

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What is Wellness?

Wellness is a big deal and has a major effect on how we perceive life! Based on a Porter Novelli Health Styles Survey done in 2008, the following data was found on wellness:

  • 11% of adults felt cheerful all of the time in the past 30 days.
  • 15% of adults felt calm and peaceful all of the time in the past 30 days.
  • 13% of adults felt full of life all of the time in the past 30 days.
  • 9.8% of adults strongly agree that their life is close to their ideal.
  • 19% of adults strongly agree that they are satisfied with their life.
  • 21% of adults strongly agree that their life has a clear sense of purpose.
  • 30% of adults strongly agree that on most days they feel a sense of accomplishment from what they do.

Those numbers are pretty low! You can imagine how much (or little) the other 70-90% of people are able to engage in their lives, including work!

So what is wellness?

Well… depending on who you talk to, there can be upwards of 8 different aspects of wellness to be aware of! The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recognizes the following 8 dimensions:
Eight Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional Spiritual Intellectual Physical Environmental Financial Occupational Social

  1. Emotional
  2. Spiritual
  3. Intellectual
  4. Physical
  5. Environmental
  6. Financial
  7. Occupational
  8. Social

What does that mean for engagement?

At Evans, we believe engagement as a two-way street. If we engage in our employees and invest in them, we believe we will get the same in return. In fact, we believe in this working relationship so much, we look for this mentality and belief in the candidates we hire!

How do we engage and invest in our employees? We make sure we support all aspects of wellness! In turn, our employees are dedicated to helping Evans and our clients thrive. Here’s how we support the wellness of our Evans Nation family members:

  • Physical: We offer excellent health benefits that include dental and vision at no additional cost for employees, as well as have a gym in the building!
  • Intellectual: We provide professional development benefits which not only includes a monetary benefit to help pay for training but also paid time off to dedicate to learning.
  • Emotional/Spiritual: We promote work/life balance and do everything we can to give employees a support network and platform for speaking up if they are feeling unbalanced.
  • Financial: We compensate our employees as fairly as possible, including doing market research frequently to make sure we are staying competitive relative to similar organizations and in relation to the other benefits we provide.
  • Occupational: We provide job security to our employees. Even in the government shutdown earlier this year when most of our staff were unable to work, nobody’s jobs were on the line. We found other meaningful work for everyone to do until the government re-opened.
  • Social: We love hanging out at Evans, but we don’t force it on anyone, either! We give opportunities for people to get together including happy hours, baseball games, softball leagues, barbecues, picnics, chili cook-offs, bowling, Office Olympics, fantasy football, March Madness… the list goes on and on!
  • Environmental: We try to give our employees the environment they need to thrive. Free snacks? Check! Free coffee? Check! Quiet rooms to work? Check! Flexible working schedules? Check! In fact, we are moving to a new location early next year and are getting input from our employees now while we design the space to see how we can do even better.

By doing all we can to invest in our employee family’s well-being, we are proud to say that we have been able to maintain a retention rate of 88% or higher since 2015! We love our employees and want to be part of their success story, and we feel honored to be on the receiving end of their dedication and hard work.

Apply the Five!

Now it’s time to put the mirror on yourself!

If you’re in a managing role, take a step back to evaluate how you’re supporting your employees’ wellness and health. Take a look at the 8 dimensions of wellness above, and see if you can identify one or two ways you’re supporting each dimension. Getting input from your employees is never a bad idea, either! If you identify a gap, create a plan with your employees to figure out how you can better support them in those areas.

If you don’t manage others (or even if you do), focus on yourself. How would you rate your wellness in each dimension? What can you do differently to be even healthier? Pick one dimension to focus on at first, since, like we’ve mentioned before, change is a process, not an event! It will take time to get to your optimal wellness, and focusing on one thing at a time will help you get there faster!

Learn How Evans Thrives!

What better way to inspire you to thrive than to hear about real people making it happen? And what better way to learn about Evans than to make those real people Evans employees and partners?

Meet Kristi Ausberry!

For me, personal wellness and the effects it could have on other aspects of my life wasn’t always top of mind. I took care of everyone and everything else first: family, work, friends, then me. Somehow, there never seemed to be enough time to get to the bottom of that list. I learned over the years how unsustainable this mindset was and how necessary it was to make a shift. Nothing happened over night, but over time the benefits have been immeasurable and this change in mentality has had positive impacts at home, at work, and in my social life.

To maintain wellness, I…

Focus on me : “Me time” has become very important. Whether I’m relaxing with a glass of wine or taking a spa day, I carve out time and make it a priority. The sense of renewal promotes my personal wellness, allowing my whole self to thrive.

Prioritize : I consider what needs to be done and when. If there’s a task that someone else can complete, I try to remind myself that I don’t have to do it all. The constant juggling of tasks can be exhausting and no one task gets full attention. I’m partially engaged, thinking of all the things that need to be done. Checking off the boxes, feeling the sense of accomplishment allows me to be fully engaged in the next activity. I have more time to prepare and I feel more connected.

Finding balance : Too much work leaves little time for family. Setting aside separate time for work and time for family and ensuring that both receive full attention is important. If it’s family time, I try to refrain from constantly checking my phone or rushing through an activity to get back to that reconciliation I didn’t want to turn away from.

I am fortunate to have an employer that promotes all aspects of wellness and, this makes all the difference!

Until Next Time…
Evans’ Talent Engagement Team
(Kaitlin Hurley and Nicole Anderson)

Employees THRIVE when they are involved, mentored, challenged, healthy, paid well, appreciated, empowered, trusted, connected to strategy, heard
(This image was adapted from a commonly shared internet image.)

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