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Evans Incorporated, Dynamis, and Noblis to Host Expert Panel Discussion on Propelling Business and Government to New Heights- Institutionalizing the Full Potential of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Three UAS leaders join the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce to host an expert discussion covering the current state of UAS in the commercial and public sectors

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA – May 16, 2017Evans Incorporated, the leading provider of Human-Centered organizational, process, technology and operational consulting solutions focused on safety and fail-safe solutions in aviation is hosting a panel discussion, Propelling Business and Government to New Heights- Institutionalizing the Full Potential of UAS on Thursday, May 25, 2017 from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM with fellow UAS leaders, Dynamis and Noblis, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

The expert panel, which features subject matter experts from industry, academia, and leaders in the development of federal aviation standards, will come together to help business leaders in both the commercial and public sectors understand the state of UAS and what it means to their organizations. Moderated by Bob Etris, Partner & Director, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Account at Evans Incorporated, Panelists include:

  • Victoria Cox- As the Federal Aviation Administration’s Assistant Administrator for NextGen, Victoria led the transformation of the nation’s air traffic control system with responsibility for the multi-billion dollar NextGen portfolio. Within the FAA, Cox also served as the Air Traffic Organization’s Senior Vice President for NextGen & Operations Planning, Director of the ATO’s International Office, the Director of Flight Services Finance and Planning and the Program Director of the Aviation Research Division.
  • Jason Barton- With nearly two decades of experience developing cutting-edge digital workflow and secure asset management solutions for entertainment and defense applications, Jason was involved in the development of a revolutionary digital workflow and asset management system used in the production of Star Wars prequels, the first films ever shot with digital cameras. In 2001, Jason founded and led his first start-up, EchoStorm, which pioneered UAV video search and distribution solutions for the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, eventually selling the company to ITT Space Systems in December 2010. In his current company, Jason is the primary architect of MissionKeeper, a product enabling video and data management solution for drones, ground robots, underwater ROVs, CCTV, body cams and more.
  • Robert Hughes- Robert is the Northrop Grumman Corporation Senior Policy Advisor for Airworthiness and Airspace Integration for manned and unmanned aircraft, and serves as a member of the RTCA’s Drone Advisory Committee. Rob is a passionate advocate for unmanned aviation and has been a leader in the industry since his retirement from the US Air Force in 2003, where he served for 28 years as a navigator and later as a pilot.

This event is a unique opportunity to discuss the ongoing regulatory, security, operational and technological changes that are driving the integration of drones into the National Airspace System (NAS). Participants will be able to network face-to-face with a cross-section of industry representatives on pressing UAS topics affecting our businesses and economy.

The discussion is focused on addressing the top critical questions industry stakeholders are most commonly asking, including:

  • What do companies need to know in order to best establish, operate, or scale their drone operations or programs?
  • How can organizations best work with the government to obtain unique authorization or waivers for unmanned operations?
  • What are some of the more creative uses of this technology that have helped these organizations that might also benefit others?
  • For companies thinking about starting a new drone program, or early adopters, what observations or advice would experts have based on what they have seen and experienced?
  • What will be the most critical factors to monitor over the next 12-18 months for organizations that try to align their own drone operations and investment strategies with the evolving marketplace?

Registration is open here until May 22, 2017. Breakfast and coffee will be served during the event.

About Evans Incorporated

Evans Incorporated is an award winning, industry leading Consulting and Solutions provider specializing in Human-Centered Solutions in Healthcare, Aviation and International Development, delivering results for leading commercial and public clients domestically and internationally. Over its 23-year history, Evans has been recognized for creating ROI – Real Operational Impact® for its customers looking to answer the question of “What would you do if you could not fail?” Evans’ CAARMA Solutions and Products are designed to address specific challenges related to organizational effectiveness, technology integration or business start-up with a unique, human-centered approach.  For more information about Evans Incorporated, please visit www.evansincorporated.com.

About Dynamis, Inc.

Dynamis provides integrated solutions for U.S. and international federal agencies, specializing in preparedness and economic resilience and comprehensive mission support services. Dynamis’ services include strategic advice, analysis, IT solutions, training, and decision support to federal governments. For more information about Dynamis, Inc., please visit http://dynamis.com/.

About Noblis

Noblis, Inc. is a nonprofit science, technology, and strategy organization that brings the best of scientific thought, management, and engineering expertise in an environment of independence and objectivity. We work with a wide range of government and industry clients in the areas of national security and intelligence, transportation and telecommunications, citizen services, environmental sustainability, and health. Together with our wholly owned subsidiaries, Noblis ESI and Noblis NSP, we tackle the nation’s toughest problems and support our clients’ most critical missions. For more information about Noblis, please visit http://www.noblis.org.

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