Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Process-focused improvements to take your organization to a new echelon of performance

Evans uses Business Process Improvement (BPI) techniques to help our clients improve performance, reduce costs, or help fuel business growth. We ensure there is proper alignment of our clients’ business strategy, information flows, and technology by using a measurement-based analysis of the relevant client functions to identify the key opportunities for improvement.

Business Process Improvement

The Evans Business Process Improvement (BPI) service offering combines multiple disciplines, frameworks, and models to provide a systematic approach, methodology, and tools to analyze As-Is processes, determine the To-Be model, and prepare the organizational and/or team environment for a sustainable solution to an identified gap in performance.

A particular focus of this service offering is a thorough analysis of why and how value can be optimized at a strategic or enterprise level, while ensuring a return on investment is realized at the tactical level.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) Case Study

Evans was engaged on a large government agency program that had an objective of unifying multiple contracting processes, systems, and people under one capability.

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Human-Centered Solutions

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