Harvest the full benefits of transformational change

What is Change Management? Healthy organizations are always evolving. Resilience and growth during times of change is an indicator of the viability and success of an organization. Evans’ Change Management and Communications approach centers on ensuring the right balance between technical and behavioral solutions. That means we understand the systemic requirements to enact change, but at the same time recognize the needs of individuals who must adopt the change for it to be successful.

Our Change Management toolbox equips leaders to prepare for change so they can lead efforts internally and avoid impacts to performance.

We ensure a sustainable solution by monitoring outcomes and adjusting our tactics over time to address resistance and gaps. Communications support is a component of our Change Management practice. Our communications expertise includes development of communications plans and the effective execution of communications strategies to motivate and drive desired behaviors. Our approach enables leaders and executives to effectively communicate the vision for change and to tailor messages specifically to external and internal stakeholder constituencies.

Change Management Case Study

Evans was contracted by a Middle Eastern manufacturing organization to conduct a Change Readiness Assessment and to develop a Change Management Strategy in support of an Oracle ERP implementation.

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