Strategic Planning (SP)

Helping you determine where your organization needs to go- and making sure you get there

Whether you are focused on large-scale transformational change or building consensus around multidisciplinary contributions to a unifying organizational mission, Evans’ Strategy Realization approaches help you reach your goals.

We understand that no matter what your aspirations may be, setting the direction of your organization isn’t simply a matter of assessing the drivers of change—it is also a process of examining your internal capacities to make that change happen.

The Evans approach to strategic planning is firmly rooted in our philosophy of human-centered change and our experience helping clients build stronger organizations.

Our methodology focuses on the two key dimensions that determine where an organization needs to go and how it needs gets there:

  • first, a thorough understanding of your operating environment—both now and in the years to come;
  • and second, an honest assessment of your organizational capacities and the ways in which current capabilities may contribute or hinder progress toward your goals.

We not only help you set organizational aspirations through an evaluation of the forces driving where you need to go, we also use a proprietary set of change dimensions to analyze key aspects of your organization and determine risk areas most likely to affect how you get there.

The result is a plan that provides not only the strategic imperatives for your organization, but also the specific actions to build the organizational capacity necessary for success.

Strategic Planning Case Study

Evans was tasked with helping the leadership of a large federal agency to crystallize their strategic goals, identify initiatives to improve performance, and begin executing those initiatives.

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