Jessica Zucal

Jessica Zucal is an Organization Development Practitioner with over 12 years of experience working with senior leaders and their organizations, helping them to achieve higher levels of effectiveness towards realization of desired outcomes and strategic goals. Ms. Zucal’s expertise lies in enabling an organization’s shift from their ‘as-is’ – ‘to-be’ state. She has proven expertise in leading and facilitating large-scale IT and cultural change initiatives from strategy and planning, to implementation and execution. Her personal strengths are: translating and liaising between disciplines and disparate teams; building trust and establishing credibility; ability to ‘hear’ what is not being said and to identify root issues and systemic causes; utilization of conflict as an opportunity to move teams forward in constructive ways.

Jessica is driven by a passion to develop healthy organizations, and to give them the power to transform by expanding their understanding of, and building their capacity for change. Jessica earned a Masters of Science in Organization Development and Knowledge Management; a Bachelors in Business Conflict Analysis and Transformation, and Certificate in Leadership Studies from George Mason University. Jessica served on the Board of the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network for four years and is currently acting in a strategic advisory capacity.

Jessica’s first job: Serving the local mall working at a slushy stand, a silver stand, and Limited Too