Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson, Evans Incorporated
Senior Director, Operations

Richard joined Evans in 2012 and brought with him enough knowledge and experience to run a small country. Quite literally. Richard was part of a team that set up the first ever computer system for the Cayman Islands. The two and a half year project included setting up the country’s budget, immigration and company registration systems and teaching people – some of whom had never seen a computer before – how to use the technology. Being part of that ‘greenfields’ situation kicked off Richard’s interest in system optimization and change management.

Richard studied Biology and Computer science at the University of York in the UK. His work has taken him all over the world, including Yugoslavia, Australia, Mozambique, Panama and plenty of places in between. The projects he has worked on range from improving business processes for Boeing in the Seattle headquarters, to local oversight of grants for the prevention and treatment of malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis in Angola.

Although he only joined the team in 2012, Richard has a long history with Evans. He first crossed paths with the company at a mutual client’s office and he was asked to collaborate with them on a project. Richard was impressed with the Evans work ethic and approach to problem solving and engaged them on future projects before eventually joining the fold.

Richard’s first job: While he was still studying in York, Richard had a data entry job in West London. Ever the problem solver, Richard didn’t just stick to data entry, finishing each day with a list of ways the database system could be improved. That didn’t necessarily make him the most popular employee.