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Using Visual Communications to Drive Change

By: Alicia Serrato, Evans Incorporated

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 was…

That’s right – an emoji. The way we communicate is shifting and evolving towards visual communication. In a world of Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube, we seek to consume information more quickly without the hassle of having to read a fifteen-page technical report. At Evans Incorporated, our human-centered approach to communication aims to make the complex simple by finding visual and engaging ways to tell the story that drives change.

In one case study Evans consultants identified the key success factors required to support air traffic controllers with the changes that arise when new technologies and procedures are introduced. To drive change, Evans sought to make the information easily understandable and accessible to the wide range of facility personnel who would ultimately be responsible for implementation.

The Evans custom communication solution is a “Project Toolkit” (currently under development). The toolkit is a colorful deck of index-sized cards. Each card introduces a key idea accompanied by a graphic and concise explanation and lists practical tips to help manage the change with a focus on supporting the people impacted by the change – the air traffic controllers.

The Project Toolkit makes it easy for the reader to make sense of the data because it chunks it into bite-sized pieces and provides visual cues that signal to the reader what cards to use and when. The cards are color coded by intended audience group and project phase, so that users can quickly identify key insights relevant to different groups of people and stages of the change process.

Together the cards bring concepts to life and provide tangible recommendations that the reader can begin to do. Visually appealing, practical, shareable, and applicable – this is the Project Toolkit. It’s one example of how Evans works creatively to deliver unique human-centered solutions.

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