Culture & Values

Our culture is very collegial. We always try and collaborate with each other and we recognize that people from different levels know a lot more about different areas

Jack Moore - Managing Partner

Evans is a two-time winner of the Helios Apollo Award, which recognizes employers that promote a culture of learning and growth through purposeful employee development initiatives.

Diversity is really important to us, which is why our staff is a mixed bag of professionals from the hard sciences, soft sciences and humanities. With such a variety in backgrounds and areas of practice, it is our common goals and values that bring us together as the Evans team.

These values guide our work daily:

Delight Clients

We deliver remarkable business transformation services that exceed our clients’ expectations, provide exceptional quality and outcomes for their money, ensure client capacity to sustain improvement — and demonstrate our commitment to their long-term success. Delighted clients trust and rely on us and reward us with repeat engagements and enthusiastic referrals.

Exhibit Leadership

We exhibit leadership, in our people, their ideas, and as a company. Leaders lead by example to continually go above and beyond, challenging themselves and others to be THE standard for our clients and community.

Foster Commitment

We foster an environment where the company and our employees are mutually committed. The company values its employees as its most important resource, and employees take responsibility for their individual contributions to the company, their collaboration with colleagues, and our mutual goals. Mutual commitment towards learning, excellence and accountability promotes both corporate strength and personal satisfaction.

Ensure Corporate Health

We promote our corporate mental, social and fiscal health through intentional investment and monitored impact. Fiscal responsibility provides the financial platform that stimulates and sustains the intellectual and financial growth necessary for us to continue to serve our employees, clients and community.

Our corporate culture makes us a team and we play by these core values.

Ask an Evans person what it’s like to work here and they’ll tell you that Evans is somewhat of an oasis in the world of corporate consulting. Unlike a lot of other firms, Evans people have a strong sense of home. That’s because as a company we consciously foster a strong corporate culture. The Evans culture is built on:

  • providing a supportive and nourishing workplace for staff members to grow
  • encouraging collaboration between colleagues and across different areas of practice
  • nurturing creativity and embracing innovative ways to solve problems
  • embracing diversity and valuing the different experience, knowledge and ideas that each individual brings to the table.