Who We Are 25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 years of Human-Centered Change

1994 – Before text messaging, iPhones, iPads, WiFi, and GPS, there were pagers, car-phones, clunky ‘luggable’ PCs, dial-up modems, and ADC map books. 1994 was also the year Evans started as a formal corporation, in my home office (and on the kitchen table when we needed to 'conference').

My decision to start a company was more of a Left-Turn FROM something than a pivot towards. But a Left-Turn allowed me to take advantage of an opportunity to do something more closely aligned with my passions, with a client I knew, and trust in my confidence that things would work out. My passions were ‘human-centered consulting’—solving engineering and business problems with a unique focus on the people impacted—through a human-centered process and ensuring a human-centered outcome. The client, Ford Motor Company, was one I worked with 8 years prior for my PhD research at the University of Michigan. The confidence? It was based on belief in myself, my entrepreneurial genes, and the support of family, friends, and business partners who would not allow failure.

Since that single contract with Ford Motor Company, we have delivered more than 400 projects to over 50 clients, including Federal agencies, international financial organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout 2019, our 25th anniversary year, I'll be sharing reflections on our accomplishments, lessons learned, and other nuggets resulting from that original and the subsequent Left-Turns. I trust these reflections will enhance your understanding of Evans' history, and provide context that helps us all march smartly towards achieving our 2025 vision: to build organizations by leveraging innovation.

– Sue Evans, Founder, Evans Incorporated
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Human-Centered Consulting initiated with Ford – our 1st customer

Ford Motor Company was our first customer in 1993 and our collaboration with UAW-Ford began in 1995. In 1999 we launched ErgoRx (UAW-Ford’s Automated Evidence Book), Ford’s 1st Health & Safety web-based app. Evans continues to support and maintain ErgoRx 2.0 – the Ford standard for documenting ergonomic issues in global manufacturing operations (used by 41 plants, across 17 countries, 1300 users, over 12,000 ergonomic concerns recorded). Evans, Ford, and UAW-Ford have collaborated on over 50 projects over 25 years.

2000 – 2004

Human-Centered Change that Works® achieved at IMF

We continued enhancing data management in the IMF – with an extensive departmental organizational change effort. We realigned department topical data management into functional areas and aligned them with new technology. The IMF achieved a 25% cost savings in data management processes – while improving data quality and country-client relations. Evans and IMF have collaborated on over 150 projects across the Fund since 1998!

2005 – 2009

Human-Centered Best Practices and Change brought to/delivered at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Evans drove the adoption of FAA and Program Management best practices for the FAA Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Program team. We brought diverse stakeholders together to ensure successful ADS-B delivery. Our work contributed to ensuring that SBS was successfully removed from GAO High Risk List. Since 2007, Evans has supported over 75 projects across over 15 contracts involving teams, programs, directorates, and departments across the FAA.

2010 – 2014

Human-Centered Change that Works® delivers expanded impact across FAA

As part of an FAA-wide reorganization, Evans helped redesign the NextGen organization outside of the Air Traffic Organization and developed the Idea to Implementation (I2I) process for launching new National Airspace System programs across the FAA. We expanded impact in Air Traffic Systems (within the Program Management Organization), leading stakeholder engagement for large, safety-critical systems like the En-Route Automation Modernization (ERAM).

2015 – 2019

Human-Centered Change that Works® delivered through Evans’ PropelUAS® division

Evans’ PropelUAS team accelerated Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)’s drone implementation of “Project Lifesaver” to enhance search and rescue efforts. We developed tailored training for LCSO to obtain their FAA drone pilot certification, which guided LCSO through regulatory hurdles and licensing to put the drone technology into action. Two days after certification, LCSO located and rescued a 92-year-old man, within 20 minutes of deploying the drone.