Our Unmanned Systems experience will propel your organization to new heights.

Aviation Overview

Evans Incorporated has supported the aviation industry for 25 years, providing support in the areas of air traffic control, unmanned systems, technical operations, human factors analysis, regulation implementation, strategic planning and aviation program management.

The Evans team is comprised of individuals who are talented in the subject of aviation. We have individuals team members who have been air traffic controllers, are pilots or ex-pilots, and are experts in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Additionally, we have individuals who are experts in organizational design and organizational change management. Evans Incorporated brings our human-centered approach to organizations in the aviation industry to assist in the integration of new capabilities, services, and products – proven to have saved the government over $10M in one project alone through improved decision making and cost avoidance measures.

Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Systems allow for limitless capabilities, yet present complicated regulatory and operational challenges. Latest estimates forecast the Unmanned Aircraft Systems industry to be worth $82 Billion over the next 5 years, however organizations are struggling to capitalize on this limitless potential, especially if they don’t understand the regulatory boundaries. Evans’ PropelUAS solutions are tailored to help organizations, of any size, realize the benefits of an operational UAS, or Drone, program by helping them navigate complicated government regulations and overcome technical and cultural obstacles to create a future-proof organization that can adapt to new capabilities and changing regulations.

Our subject matter experts have worked side-by-side with the FAA to integrate UAS operations and communicate regulations, interact with the unmanned systems academic community, and include our own certified UAS pilots. Our experts leverage our PropelUAS solutions to provide a comprehensive, executable strategy for integrating drones into their operation and create ROI – Real Operational Impact®.

Our staff combines over 40 years of air traffic control and operational UAS expertise, including advanced degrees in unmanned systems, safety science, aviation management, human factors, and aviation technology. Additional experience includes our work in:

  • UAS integration program and risk management within the FAA Air Traffic Organization
  • Operational Air Traffic Control experience at all facility options; Towers, En Route Centers, and Flight Service Stations
  • Air Traffic engineering and program management expertise

Our Unmanned Systems experience will propel your organization to new heights.

Are you thinking about starting a UAS program, have already started and are struggling, or are looking to take an existing program to the next step? Evans Incorporated can ensure that you’ll get your program up and running.